What is the difference between taekwondo and jiu jitsu?

Taekwondo is more of a striking martial art where we focus mostly on kicks and punches while Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling martial art where it focuses on how to deal with bigger and stronger opponents in self defence scenarios .

What do classes consist of?

Classes consist of warm ups, lots of kicks and footwork drills and strength and conditioning.

How do we do a trial?

If you would like to do a trial you can either email or call us to book your appointment. Our trials are for one week giving free access to any of the classes that are provided. If you sign up for a membership by the end of the trial our promotion is that you will receive a free uniform which has an original cost of $65

My child is introverted and very nervous, are private classes available?

We offer one on one private classes at students request for an additional price however at Champs our regular classes help kids get past being nervous and introverted. We help our students jump past any milestones they face so they can achieve their goals with our instructors.

Does size matter in a fight?

Martial Arts is all about teaching people how to win a fight without relying on strength or size. At Champs Academy we teach our students that technique is key. Precision beats power and timing beats speed.

How does the method of payment work? (10 or 12 month)

At our academy our memberships are on a one year contract.

Are discounts available with memberships?

We offer family discounts with our memberships. 10% off for the second family member who joins and 15% off for the third family member who joins.

What is Buddy Night?

Buddy Night is a special Taekwondo class that runs once a month. In this class our students are welcome to bring as many friends as they want to try Taekwondo with them for free. The kids have a fun class filled with games, special techniques we drill as well as time to jump in our Champs bouncy castle at the end.

How does the After School Program work?

Here at Champs Taekwondo we are well known for our pickup and dropoff A+ After School Program. A regular day of the A+ program consists of buses sent out to your child’s school to make sure they are safely picked up from their school and dropped off to our facility. Once the children arrive at the Academy they will have snack time which is followed by a one hour taekwondo class. Parents are then to come pick up their children anytime between 5 and 6pm from the supervision room where they can then sign their child/children out and head home.

If there are any times of the week that your child cannot attend our after school program due to other extra curricular activities please let us know and we will gladly work around your schedule!

If there is different PA Days for different schools, do the children still get picked up if they are not on a PA Day?

Champs Academy does after school pickup for both catholic and public schools so we are aware that both schools have PA Days on different days. When your child has a PA Day, we still offer PA Day Camps where they can be dropped off and have regular class and activities. If some children don’t have a PA Day while others from different schools do, pickup will still go as planned like any regular day.